Music Production

We offer...

a comfy and laid-back place where you can find everything you need to create your independent CD. We have state-of-the art technology, great microphones and an atmosphere that fosters creativity. With dozens of successful projects to our credit, we know what it takes realize your musical ideas. Your project can be mastered here and a beautiful CD package designed for you on the spot. We have a lot of experience with manufacturing and promotion that we'll be happy to share with you.

Jack Lee Music Productions...

We guide you through the maze of producing your independent CD. We provide everything from charts to mastering in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. We offer a great vocal sound, keyboard, bass and guitar playing, tracking, mixing and even graphics. We are known for bringing out the best in new artists.

Call for a free consultation at (805} 506-9252

What people are saying about Jack Lee's Music Productions...

“Plays the part of arranger/producer perfectly” Santa Barbara Independent
“The music sounds as good in the real world as it did in my imagination- how often does that happen?” WDC
“Jack shows a special talent for bringing out the best in new artists.” Montecito Journal
“Your arrangements, playing and recording skill were vital to the success of our project.” RL
“Thanks for the excellent and cost effective work. You’re the best.” JK
“You made all the difference. I really had fun working with you.” MM
“We put together a great CD quickly, easily and on budget.” LA
“An absolutely awesome job, I can’t tell you enough times.” PR
“Thank you for doing a beautiful job. I absolutely love my project. I couldn’t have done it without you.” LM
“How lucky can you get? Very! You brought so much to the session, your great musicality, technical skill and kindness.” YM
“Thank you for all the magic you worked with my song. You are an amazing musician and a talented engineer.” GK
“Thanks so much for your work on my project, I am so blown away.” NL
“I am very impressed with your taste and musicality and you are so easy to work with in the studio.” RB