Don't Quit (David Ault, from Travelin' with the Angels)
13.6MB - 1:21

Out of the Blue (Antara and Delilah, from Dua)
6MB - :40

I'll Stand (John Bigelow, from I'm Remembering)
10MB - :58

Wedgelock's Holiday (Willie Collins, from Rise Above)
6.5MB 0:38

Love is Clear (Lois Blaisch)
12MB- 1:15

Full Moon Ride (Kate Bennett, from Over the Moon) 12MB- 1:11

Pale Moon on the Rise (Bonnie Logan)
14MB 1:24

Respect Yourself (David Ault, from And Then it is Morning)
10MB - 1:02

I'm Gonna Burn (Doug Ingoldsby, from Can't Do This Alone)
12.1MB 1:12

Grocery Girl (The Bodhi Brothers, from Organically Grown) 11.3MB 1:07

Mele Kalikimaka Noel (Peter and Dana Delong, from Aloha Noel) 11.3MB - 1:07

No More War (Karen Tobin) 17.5MB- 1:44

Studio Samples
Here are some brief excerpts from projects that have come out of our studio. To hear more, there are links to the artist's web pages on the llinks page.